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Merrill Collins: Blossoms


featuring Merrill Collins on Steinway piano, harp/synth, with bansuri, shakahatchi, silver flutes, and cello.

Released in January, 2007, Merrill renders celestial melodies and nature sounds inspired by morning meditations in the Rose Garden and in the countryside.

What would roses sound like if they could sing? Merrill's beloved composition captures perfect relation of a blossom to the sun, greeting, welcoming, following, waiting. Harmonizes the environment, just as fresh flowers themselves do. Simply ethereal...a healing musical expression of nature's unconditional love.


near a mountain stream

on the path to the garden of blossoms

one morning in the sunlight

i heard whispering.

the roses told me

tho plant my heart's wish


sooner or later, love will be greater

peace, be still.

the roses told me

From Blossoms - an instrumenal meditation on the subtle wisdom of a rose garden

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