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Merrill Collins: Every Man, Woman, and Child Vocal feat. Michelle & Harrison Crenshaw

Every Man, Woman, and Child

featuring Michelle and Harrison Crenshaw

Merrill Collins: Chant: Every Man, Woman, & Child feat. Harrison Crenshaw

Chant Version

featuring Harrison Crenshaw

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Every Man, Woman, and Child creates a setting for children or adults to read the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, either the full text or a paraphrase, with a beautiful song as background and centerpiece.

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Every Man, Woman, and Child is the winner of the first annual Global Peace Song Award! (A Capella, 2017)

In honor of Martin Luther King, we present TWO recordings of "Every Man, Woman, and Child," a song based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"Give every man, woman, and child their human rights!"

Two versions of this beautiful song were recorded with Harrison Crenshaw and Michelle Crenshaw.

Lyric version:

CHANT verson:

About the CHANT verson: The unique voice of Harrison Crenshaw sings ALL the lines on this 8 line contrapuntal a cappella piece.
Inspired by the song circles of Bobby McFerrin's original Voicestra, as well as Taize chant, this piece is usually presented with a group of singers. Each line can be assigned to one choral part, OR , each part can cycle through the lines from top to bottom as in a round.

We invite a cappella groups to create their own versions and send us a video for our Youtube channel. Download the sheet music FREE!

Learn more about Every Man, Woman, and Child HERE!


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