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Merrill Collins
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Laura Halliday

Maksim Velichkin

—Dick Metcalf, Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

...abounding with beauty... ...the “pacing” is perfection… ...intricacy and interaction…. Read the full album review here...

Ethereal Escapes is the sequel to Echapées Etheriques.

Take the journey.

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Track 13 on the imaginative musical journey, Ethereal Escapes, is "Particles in Space." This vocal version, released in honor of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, a global meditation to mark a changing time, reminds us of our vision to upgrade fear and prejudice with interdependence at a time when nuclear weapons and threats of war are returning to our planet.

Particles in space,
drifting place to place,
that is what we are until
we embrace
electrons in our quest,
searching for nucleii
to cling to
h igh above the trees
we know that gravity
would bring us rest
and the enemies,
working every day
to split us all apart

Now, before they do,
let us come together
here as one,
little atom
circling 'round the sun.

Particles in place,
wanting to embrace
all within our universe incorporates our space

Strengthened by our mass,
fusion is the goal
that we would reach for,
o ne with all of nature,
knowing differences
will come to pass
and the enemies, working every day to separate us
and confine

Now, before they do, let us come together and respond; love will be our center and our bond.

Love will be our bond.



Particles in Space

featuring SEAY,

with additional vocals by Armand Hutton

Bonus track for Ethereal Escapes

read the stories behind this magnificent double album!



From the Composer:

In 1983 (the year the movie, "The Day After," was released), I attended an informational program put on by volunteers of a non-profit peace organization, "Beyond War". The eye-opening program included information about nuclear weapons around the planet and how many times over the planet Earth could be destroyed. Nuclear bombs are traumatic to visit as a thought.

At the close of the program, cards were passed out to each person in the room to sign up as a volunteer to help the cause in whatever way possible. On the card I saw a variety of skills that do not fit with what I could offer, so I wrote in an extra box to check, "I will write songs". Not long after that, I was asked by the Bay Area United Nations Association and Interfaith Council to provide music for an event. They did not have a piano at the venue so I decided to make a recording, "Music for Peace." "Particles in Space" was one of the pieces. I consulted with a scientist friend about the nature of the atom, while writing the lyrics.

I so well remember a day in my high school physics class when we discussed the uncertainty of how electrons stay in place. Particles in Space lyrics are about the possibility that the energy that exists in the very center of every atom, holding all of matter together, is love. "And the enemies, working every day to try and split us all apart, now before they do, let us come together and respond, love will be our center and our bond." I have always loved this song and its message, and decided to include on our 2017 album. In light of the fact that the nuclear armaments situation is again in the news, a mere 25 years after the cold war ended, this song is a reminder to hold love as our basis of civilization and humanity.

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