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Merrill Collins

Laura Halliday

Maksim Velichkin

I first met Laura at a wedding gig we were playing. There is a point in the ceremony when people are invited to “Pass the Peace” to each other. I could see the twinkle in Laura’s eye as we took the music into magic, ethereal dimensions. As fellow improvisers, we began doing creative projects and concerts together. One day I asked her which cellist we could get for a Christmas gig and she brought Maksim into our musical experience. I was totally blown away! It was a happy day when we recorded together.



We Floated

This music came through me on my birthday, 1987, which took place on the Harmonic Convergence—an exceptional alignment of the planets in our solar system, which was celebrated by one of the world’s first globally synchronized meditation events. The flood of inspiration took many years to bring to fruition. This year, we finally recorded:

portals album

We floated to the blue hue, lifting upward....
opening into the ethers.
We travelled, riding the currents,
yearning to arrive in the Loving.
Greens led us to purple.
Wishing we could live this dream,
holding on to home,
we awoke to the sun, celebrating the Light!

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