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Merrill Collins
Grand Piano

Laura Halliday

Maksim Velichkin

Interacting with each other in a musical adventure

"Even by the usual high standards of ambition that pianist Merrill Collins has displayed over her career, Sincero is a lofty accomplishment. Seldom do I hear music so purely emotive, sincere, and even transcendent. The way the three musicians blend as if playing in "one voice" (so to speak) is not just rare, but displays a level of simpatico that is almost surreal, no matter how often they have collaborated. Andrew Robert Bennett's vocal talents are near angelic in their purity and soulfulness. Sincero is not just a special recording; it's a magnificent achievement, whether one approaches it on the spiritual or secular level."

—Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire and Retailing Insight magazine



Conditor Alme Siderum

from the new album


"Serenely peaceful world-class improvisations on Gregorian Chants" —

—Dick Metcalf, Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"...the overall performance provides ever-so-subtle nudges towards the serenity you diligently seek." Read the full review here...

Sincero album cover

Sincero, (Latin for "sincere,") is a culmination of work our ensemble has been bringing to life at the chapel in Nazareth House of Los Angeles since the Advent Season in 2014. In this music we present the a cappella vocal of Andrew Robert Bennett sung in Latin, as it would have been in the original Gregorian chants of the early centuries. Our instrumental improvisations of the 21st century offer fresh ways to listen to these timeless melodies. In the calmness of this music we can pause and reflect on divine qualities. Sincero is suitable for meditation and can also simply be a beautiful listen. Across all time, the themes of these chants are the opening of the heart, the sincerity of charity and love, and the invitation to bring our hearts together in gentility and peace. 



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