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"Inspiring" ... "Tranquil" ... "Touches the listeners heart" ...

"Pianist Merrill Collins joins with cellist Joseph Hébert on Cello and Piano Sanctuary, a recording of variations based on chants, hymns, and spirituals. This special album touches the listener’s heart and tugs effortlessly at deep-seated emotions, thanks to the beauty of these two instruments played so harmoniously. Soothing and comforting, the album could be used as background accompaniment for everything from weddings to memorial services, so heartfelt is the impact of these 10 tracks. The occasional presence of harp, synth, and bells is an added bonus—icing on the cake, so to speak." —New Age Retailer

Indeed this is a melodic sanctuary! It lifts us over the cares of life into a haven of peace. Surprising us with an "Amazing Grace" unlike any I had ever heard--a relaxed grace, confident of personal harmony--their CD proceeds to calm a busy spirit, nourish a tired soul. I’m sending this CD to my daughter and her husband. Their babies are often reluctant to rest and they wake them in the middle of the night. Thanks so much to Collins and Hebert for marketing tranquility! — Pamela Madden

Another triumph for Collins and Hebert! Wonderful, meditative music. I've already ordered multiple copies of this CD and will order more - perfect for gifting! —Glenn Davis

I received this CD as a gift during Lent from a member of my parish. I put it on while working on that weeks sermon and service. It became my main source of music during the Lenten/Easter period.It was at times soothing when my mind was wrestling with a sermon and at times inspirational for the same reason. It is beautiful music/timeless and for all seasons. I recommend it without reservation. My thanks to the one who gave this beautiful gift to me. —Rev. Heather Cherrey


Improvisations on Chants, Hymns and Spirituals


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