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"An artist who is responsive to her world." — Today's Artists

"Absolutely breathtaking. The caliber of musicianship and overall performances are stellar." — Taxi Reviewer

"The relaxation response induces a profound state of deep rest, which when practiced and applied to our daily lives, can alter how we respond to physical and emotional stress. The music of Merrill Collins is, in my view, important in facilitating the transition into this state of deep relaxation." —Dr. Michael Irwin, Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology / Jane & Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior

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Merrill Collins plays original music and standards in the Bay Area and Los Angeles area for:

~ Meditative Retreats

~ Senior Centers

~ Memorial Services

~ House Concerts

~ Special Events

Merrill is best known for her original and improvisational meditative and healing music (available through the Spiraling Music label), and her professionalism as a live musician. She has played for audiences at hospitals, hotels, cathedrals, and retreat centers with an intuitive ability to create ambience for any occasion, and is a highly skilled dance accompanist and music director. What many of her fans don't know about is her huge repertoire of old favorites and her delight in bringing joy to the elderly and peace to the bereaved.

With a classical training and a master's degree from the S.F. Conservatory, Merrill excels at taking requests and delights in creating harmonious atmospheres, working closely with clients to produce emotionally sculptured events. Merrill is most interested in performing at weekend retreats.

Clients: the Hesperian, Hilton, Nordstroms (San Francisco Centre), Old Saint Mary's Cathedral, many senior centers, hospitals, etc.




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